In the Tank


3.9% ABV.

Clear medium amber colour with a small lacy off-white head. Aroma is moderate with malty, caramel, pale malt and fruity notes. Flavour is malt forward but refreshing and light with well balanced moderate bitterness. Overall fruity, caramel, nutty notes and a crisp modern hop flavour tops it all off. Body is medium, texture is uniquely English due to classic soft carbonation.


5.0% ABV.

Rich brown colour on the pour with hazy red highlights. On the nose there are notes of brown sugar, mild roasted malt and a touch of cocoa –  the hop notes lean toward a spicy, grassy, herbal quality. The English yeast strain contributes  some creaminess on the palate but without any heaviness. Digging deeper you’ll find notes of summer morning toast, a light nuttiness, coffee and cocoa, a hint of maple, and a light brown-sugar-like sweetness – a mild hop bitterness and simultaneous tart hint provides balance. Hops also add a citrusy and a nice spicy tone, and there’s a bit of a fruity undercurrent – a signature Hedgedog undertone.

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